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    Welcome: Anyang Fengwang metallurgical refractory Co., Ltd.
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    Knowledge of silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide

    Si3N4 bonded SiC material is a new type of high-grade refractory products include silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide radiant tubes, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks.
    Properties and Uses
    Nitride bonded silicon carbide products, hard texture, Mohs hardness of about 9 to belong to the hardness of the material in a non-metallic materials, second only to diamond.
    2, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide products of the high temperature strength, in the 1200-1400 ℃ high temperatures, almost maintaining the normal temperature and the same time the strength and hardness. With the use of different atmosphere, the maximum safe operating temperature can reach 1650-1750 ℃.
    3, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, compared to the silicon carbide products, such as high thermal conductivity, less thermal stress is generated, having a good thermal shock resistance and long service life. The ability of high-temperature creep resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to extreme cold and extreme heat, anti-oxidation, easily made into high dimensional accuracy to meet the requirements of the products.
    4, the products are widely used in a variety of industries as iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, chemical building materials, energy-saving, environmental protection, and reduce costs.
    Si3N4 bonded SiC material developed countries such as the United States Norton, Carborundum Company, Germany Annawevrk, the HTK company, Japan TKR NGK equal to the 1970s are widely used in grinding wheel, ceramics, electrical porcelain wait for industry a carbonized Silicon specialty products. The materials introduced into China in the mid-1980s, a number of research institutes, universities have carried out experimental research and have been successful, and the construction of a number of silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide products manufacturer. Experienced more than 10 years of promotion and application, more and more clearly recognized that the adoption of new silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide kiln furniture, can be achieved in the case of excessive increase in investment to improve product quality, energy saving and yield a ideal replacement products. In the last decade sheet refers to products production domestic is no uniform standard, the impact of silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide plate quality improvement, export and domestic and international technology exchange. Therefore, the Ministry of Machinery Industry issued the standard formulation of notice (item number B97440403) machine standard [1997] No. 195, Section text. In the process of the development of the standard combination of silicon nitride silicon carbide plate depth research, performance testing and the major domestic manufacturers of products, while making reference to the performance of similar products in developed countries. The standard formulation is of great significance for improving the level of our products, explore the domestic market to meet customer needs, and promote technological progress.


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